If I ask that question for me, I would say with a big confident YES I AM. With many online shops everywhere around the internet, we should be a smart buyer to choose our needs. First things we needs are safe, secure and satisfied. I recently live outside Java Island which is its a small town and I always purchase my stuff by online. And guess what its not easy as one two three to shop online because we need super extra picky. Many buyers are disappointed because sometimes the goods are not good as display on the web and that happen with me too, that’s why becoming smart shopper is a must.

This issues made Superkids Indonesia perform an attractive event about smart shopper with tagline Smart Talk : Be A Smart Shopper. And of course as member of emak2blogger, I have a privilege for a free ticket hohoho. This event is awesome because a lot of prized here haha (yes I am a prizes hunter). Instead of prized, I also very excited about this event. How to be a smart shopper is what I need because I love to window online shopping and of course I need to stay safe, secure and satisfied. Wanna know what this smart talk about?

The venue called Coffee Cabin, easy to find and located at Kebayoran Baru. Starting at 10 a.m, delayed 1 hour which is I can breakfast pancake first and I love to drink my coffee morning too. As Coffee cafe this place have a delicious latte and very good view from second floor. And thank you so much for Coffee Cabin, I got a 2 voucher as a gift and goodie bag. Definitely going back there for hang out hoho.

Many guest speakers in this event, all speakers is my favorite. Mrs Yulia Astuti becoming first speaker, she is a finalist of Wanita Wirausaha Femina 2012 and her business is about beauty service called MOZ5 Salon Muslimah and beauty care product. She tells story about how she disappointed about some online shop service and make a promised that she wouldn’t do the same with her online shop. She has a unique online shop with beauty care product called MOAYU and the product can be found at www.moayu.com. As participant, I got free sample (soap and body lotion) of Moayu product in my goodie bag, and guess what I love the smells ^^. Very recommended product and I think I know why her business becoming finalist of Wanita Wirausaha Femina.

After Mrs Yulia, Mr Kiky give his speech of online shop platform and his brand www.Multiply.com. Haha this is my favorite part, I recently purchase electronic gadget from Multiply and I cannot more satisfied than any others e-commerce store. So I did say how wonderful I am being one of satisfied customer and really have a great experience online shopper with very safe and secure system.  I also give some suggestions for their improvement  such as spam comment and calibration of weight. I love to see some improvement at multiply and multiply is very recommended e-commerce platform, because they really care about merchants and customers safety.

Next, Mrs Anita tells about her successful business at Multiply and thank you enough for free store at multiply.  She opens online shop  at Multiply and have a high quality unique product for baby. Because of her product and good service, multiply gladly assist her into tight traffic and make a promotions for her shop. For Mrs Anita, multiply really help her business management. She demonstrated how multiply doing business management such as orders, payment, product management, stock, and many more. Mrs Anita is one of Trusted Seller at Multiply, and this things make shopping a lot of easier because we don’t need a worry about fake seller and our money of course 🙂

Last but not least, Mr Yudit from SmartFren tells short story about internet penetration in Indonesia. He also make a good review about internet user and suggestions how we should use an internet for good. Anyway, along the show SmartFren provides high speed wifi and very generous with modem, smartphone  and 7 inch tablet. It helps me answer some online quiz because I use wifi from SmartFren without any doubt. Thank you so much for adorable goodie bag.

Overall this event is rocks!! Yeay many prizes, many smart speaker, many smart shopper, many smart seller and that’s why called SMART TALK 😀

Thank you Superkids Indonesia for making me a Smart Shopper!! Are you a smart shopper? Yes I AM ^^

Note. This review is for 7 inch tablet Challenge  and wish me luck ^^V